Why Leisure Care

Is an Agency Caregiver the Right Choice for Me?

All Leisure Care Agency caregivers are our employees. 

Advantages of Using a Leisure Care Employee

Leisure Care Employees
are bonded

Leisure Care Employees are insured for professional liability and covered by worker’s compensation insurance

Leisure Care offers
easy payment plans

Leisure Care Employees all have DOJ and FBI background checks and their driving records are constantly monitored with the California DMV

Leisure Care handles all of the details from scheduling, dealing with long term care insurance policies, vacations/absences, providing tax documentation, verifying employment eligibility, etc.

Serving Our Community

At Leisure Care, we are always looking for additional opportunities to serve our community. While providing home care is the primary service we offer, we also like to get involved in local and regional events, whether that means helping raise money for a good cause, or rolling up our sleeves to help with community service projects.