Leisure Care is a proud supporter of our troops. If you are a serviced veteran, you may be eligible for the Veteran’s Aide and Attendance Benefit. Please contact us to see how we can help.

One of the most fulfilling things I do here at Leisure Care is getting our valiant heroes the care they merit. Being a veteran myself, I truly honor this privilege and put my whole heart into recognizing our veterans for all they have given and sacrificed. This is just one small way for Leisure Care to say, “thank you.”

We partner with teams of veteran’s outreach representatives from WeHeartVets that will focus on the submission of the Veteran’s Aide and Attendance application and supporting documentation to the VA to take the worry and stress off of the veteran. Once care is initiated and established, it is continually tracked and monitored to ensure that the veteran stays in compliance with the VA and that the veteran retains the maximum allowable pension amount. Please feel free to peruse their website at

Serving Our Community

At Leisure Care, we are always looking for additional opportunities to serve our community. While providing home care is the primary service we offer, we also like to get involved in local and regional events, whether that means helping raise money for a good cause, or rolling up our sleeves to help with community service projects.